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Tommy Ballards Irish whiskey

Tommy Ballards is a classic Irish Whiskey made in the finest
distilling tradition to create a whiskey that is smooth, well

rounded, and deeply satisfying.

Tommy Ballard’s Irish whiskey is a characterful whiskey that is triple distilled to perfection, giving it a smooth, mellow, and sweet round mouthful. This whiskey is distilled in the heart of West Cork, using a blend of grain and malted barley. The elegant whiskey is aged in oak casks, which gives it a distinctive taste that lingers on the palate. If you’re looking for a whiskey that will impress you, Tommy Ballard’s Irish whiskey is the one to try. Read on for our Tommy Ballard whiskey review, where we delve into the intricate details of what makes this whiskey so special.

This exceptionally smooth whiskey has consumers coming back for more. Our promoters have been
enjoying working this brand throughout various outlets in the WC and customers are loving it. With a
warm finish and a hint of vanilla on the nose, it has been said that it is highly recommended by most.

If you a Whiskey Lover, Tommy Ballards is definitely the one to choose.

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