A man holding up a bottle of jambalaya in a store during Jr promotions.

Shanky’s whip activations

JR promotions have been running these in-store Shanky’s whip activations
from the beginning of July to introduce this unique whiskey-based spirit.
Shanky’s Whip makes a delicious drink on it’s own over ice but can also be
enjoyed mixed with cola.
Shankey’s Whip gives a new take on Irish whiskey that offers whiskey drinkers
something different than what they have ever tasted before. This drink
definitely stands out for its decadent, sweet aromas. If you thought the smell is
good, the vanilla and infused caramel notes are what takes Shanky’s Whip to
another level and make it stand out from all similar drinks.
The name Shanky’s Whip comes from the old Irish legend of Shanky. Shanky
was a jockey and when thrown from his horse he would return to the racetrack
with an ostrich and of course his whip. And so, the Shanky’s Whip legend was
Shanky’s Whip is a premium brand that can add interest and value to your
whisky offering. This is the perfect drink for people who like the idea of Irish
Whisky but would prefer less whiskey strength and more sweet, richer flavours.

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