A woman standing in front of a sign that says Laailou Event Bergriver.

Laailou Event Bergriver – Olof Bergh

Its festive season and what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than an exciting competition with Olof Bergh at the Bergriver!  

Olof Bergh is a very special brandy to South Africans as it was the first to be blended and aged in the unique Solera tradition. Olof Bergh is created with a blend of brandies, aged to perfection and meticulously married and matured in tiers of oak casks. 

Our lucky competitors had the opportunity to guess how much brandy was in our larger-than-life size Olof bottle and then stand a chance to win a case.  The customer engagement from this event was phenomenal as our brand ambassadors engaged with many existing and new Olof consumers. 

A person standing in front of a sign

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                                           Our team bringing smiles and fun at the Laailou Event 

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