Hendrick's gin displayed in a stylish teacup.

JR Promotions is thrilled to announce another successful activation completed this time featuring Hendricks Gin!  

2024 has started off with a bang at JR Promotions and hopefully a sign of good things to come for the new year. This weekend JR Promotions was proud to have our beautiful brand ambassadors on site at the Silverbacks Benoni Market Day in Gauteng promoting shooter sales. 

Hendrick’s Gin is made in small batches at the Girvan distillery, which is aptly named the Hendrick’s  Gin Palace, located in Scotland. Despite its mature appearance, it is a relatively young brand, having been launched in 1999. The gin’s main botanicals consist of juniper, Bulgarian rose, and English cucumber. Lesley Gracie, a female Master Distiller, is in charge of the distillation process. Hendrick’s  Gin is known for its unique, experimental, and quirky nature. This is clear in their branding and beautiful setups provided on the day allowing consumers opportunities for great photo ops with the brand front and centre. 

Consumers enjoyed the refreshing taste of the gin as well as the underlying botanical flavours, enjoyed with a mixer or in your favourite cocktail, Hendricks Gin is perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day after a long week while enjoying the market.

This weekend JR Promotions were proud to provide brand ambassadors for Mionetto Prosecco. 

Mionetto is the best-selling international Prosecco brand that has become synonymous with a  tradition of excellence and unmistakable style. JR Promotions brand ambassadors were in-store at  Makros this weekend throughout Gauteng, KZN and the WC promoting this well-established brand. Customers were invited to sample the range and sip on some bubbles while learning more about  Mionetto and the ranges provided for all tastes. Consumer feedback is always welcomed and Many loyal consumers who have already heard of the brand purchase it often, those who were new to it were happy to hear it has a lower alcohol content than other Proseccos and were excited to share it with friends. 

Keep an eye out for our brand ambassadors in a store near you to learn more about some of your favourite brands.


  JR Promotions are proud as always to assist with brand ambassadors for this iconic brand. Jack Daniels Apple whiskey combines crisp green apple liqueur with the unique and unmistakable character of Jack Daniels. This versatile drink can be enjoyed in a refreshing cocktail, chilled in a shot or sipped slowly on the rocks making it the perfect option for both a night out on the town or a relaxed night in. Our brand ambassadors, dressed in their striking green Jack Apple dresses, spent the evening at Jolly Rodgers Parkhurst, a very popular spot for nightlife in Johannesburg promoting shooter sales. Consumers who were already proud supporters of the original Jack Daniels brand enjoyed trying a different variety commenting that Jack Apple tastes very similar to a Whiskey sour and very smooth to drink, definitely something they would purchase again. Another successful activation brought to you by JR Promotions

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