Golf Day Ideas for Your Next Office Trip.

Your company just got back from a golf outing, and everyone is talking about how much fun they had. You are thinking, “I want to organize a golf day for our office!” There are so many things you need to consider before organizing your next corporate golf day. Who’s going? What kind, of course, should we go to? How do I get the most out of my budget? Don’t fret! This blog article will answer all these questions and more.

Now, you need to decide who the event is for. It’s recommended by experts that it should be a mixed-gender outing with an equal ratio of men and women attending. This will encourage more networking among your coworkers as well as increase office morale! Once you decide on the right demographic, then comes choosing which golf courses to bring your team to. You want to find a place that is affordable for everyone and has lots of activities on-site like swimming pools, spas, restaurants, etc.

Great Golf Courses In South Africa

  • Pecanwood Country Club.
  • Randpark Club.
  • Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club – East Course.
  • Simola Golf & Country Estate.
  • Sishen Golf Club.
  • St Francis Links.
  • Steyn City Golf Course.
  • Wild Coast Sun Championship Golf Course.
  • Pecanwood Country Club.
  • Randpark Club.
  • Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club – East Course.
  • Simola Golf & Country Estate.
  • Sishen Golf Club.
  • St Francis Links.
  • Steyn City Golf Course.
  • Wild Coast Sun Championship Golf Course.

Green Fees from golf clubs.

Green fees vary from club to club and can be pretty pricey for a 4 balls. If you’re looking for a cheaper option to consider, municipal courses are becoming wildly popular. A lot of businesses now offer their employees “golf days” with municipal courses. Municipal golf is a great option for companies that have smaller budgets or when time and geography are a factor!

If you’re looking to get creative, consider hosting your next outing at an 18-hole mini-golf course. These games can be played by people of all ages and skill levels (and are great for the whole family!).

Planning a golf day.

Not only will you be on a golf course, but there are plenty of other things to do at these types of venues including mini-bowling, batting cages, and more.

Corporate golf days are a great way to build camaraderie in your work researching the best courses is an important step that many people forget about there are lots of ways you can host a golf outing for your company – it doesn’t have to be at one course all day. 18-hole mini-golf is also an option!                                                    Hiring services like corporate event planners will help with organizing logistics and managing budgets. Costs vary depending on what level of service you need, but they’re worth every penny as long as you know how much work they’ll save you! 

Top corporate event planners:

B&W Productions

Can In-Store Promotions Be Incorporated into Golf Day Ideas for an Office Trip?

Incorporating in-store promotions into golf day ideas for an office trip can enhance the experience for employees and clients. By combining the thrill of a round of golf with the excitement of on-site promotions, companies can create a unique and engaging event. The instore promotions explanation and effectiveness can be showcased through various interactive activities, such as branded giveaways, product demonstrations, or exclusive discounts. This integration not only adds value to the golf day but also creates opportunities for networking and business development.

Activities During The Day

It’s often said, “Golf is a game of skill and luck.” It can also be just as much fun when you’re out on the course with your friends. Here are five ways to make your golf day memorable:

##Is your golf day getting stale? We have fresh ideas for making it memorable!

A round of golf is always a great idea, but what if there were also other things to do throughout the day and afterward. Maybe set up an obstacle course before tees off with different stations based on skill level so that everyone has fun on their own terms or take some time after each hole for short talks about company values from successful employees who are now managers in order to give people more insight into how they can grow at work themselves.

1. Hire a golf simulator                                                                                                                       This will not only encourage those averse to spend time on the green to join in the fun, but it’ll also act as an ice-breaker amongst your four-ball teams. You could even compare how “our virtual score” competed against the real scores of all players at our event and see who had more points!

2. Give away a big-ticket item

Create some excitement with something that people actually want to win – think a car or even an RV.

The last thing you need is someone winning your promotional prizes they don’t really care about and leave early, right? You’ll be happy to know there’s insurance for this! Prize Insurance protects the company against any unclaimed prizes in case of unexpected circumstances (like nobody wants our branded pens). And as if it couldn’t get better, these policies are generally cheap and easy enough on the budget restraints we all face sometimes. So plan ahead without worry or regret because no one likes going overboard at golf events only to find out their prize was never claimed….

3. Conduct swing analyses

There’s really no better way to make people feel special than by analysing their golf swing. After the event, send everyone a video with recommendations on how they can improve their game – this will appeal to amateur and seasoned players alike!

4. Include partners on the day

Golf days end with a prize-giving, dinner, and some sort of entertainment like comedian or celebrity speaker. But to make your event stand out, gift partners an exclusive goodie bag or personalized souvenir! Alternatively, bring the ladies for cocktails at one course that has onsite spa facilities so they can enjoy their treatments while you hit those greens.

5. The all-important invitation

Your high-powered golfing buddies are all set to come for your annual tournament. Don’t let them think you’re a pushover by sending out one of those lame invitations with no personality! Make their day and send something that will make an impression in the inbox: try making it interactive, or adding some special features like links so they can get more info about what’s going on before showing up at the event. You’ll wow ’em when they find out how much work went into planning this year’s big bash – plus have bragging rights as host extraordinaire!

How do I host a charity golf day?

1. Planning

One way to make sure the event is a success is by assembling an awesome committee. The more people you have in charge of different aspects, the less work it will be for everyone involved! It’s also important that there isn’t another major event happening on your chosen date because then all those attendees would split their attention between two events and might not show up at yours.

2. Organisation

It’s never too early to start planning your golf day. Nine months is a long time, but nine months in advance will give you the best chance of securing the perfect venue for your event and leave plenty of room for error if there are other events happening nearby on that date.

3. Set a price

It’s important to consider the format of your tournament. Do you want a friendly, fun event or do you want an intense competition? There are many variables that can make for either type: scoring system, time allotted per hole, and whether or not food is provided on-site.

4. Sponsorship

One of the best ways to make a golf tournament more interesting is by negotiating for sponsorships and advertisers. Negotiate sponsorship, eg a different sponsor per hole. Secure sponsors who will offer prizes like gift cards or free goods in exchange for advertising space on printed programs if you’re using one.

5. Advertising

Get creative with your marketing campaign to invite people out for this awesome event with relevant ads. Let them know about it in the local newspaper, on social media like Twitter and Facebook, through posters around town or even just telling all of your friends!

6. Extras 

A new, more creative and engaging event will make your golf outing an unforgettable experience! Add a raffle for the most coveted prizes. Mulligans can be purchased before the day to avoid those pesky penalties (you know you should have read that rule book!). We’ll also provide competitions like closest-to-the-pin or two’s competition so there is something for everyone. Don’t forget spot prizes with goodies from our sponsors as well!

7. Book  promoter staff from JR Promotions

Have you ever tried to handle all of these tasks by yourself? It can be hard. Give your hands a break, and let our experienced staff take care of the registration process for you! We will also help with scorecards and programs with staff from jr promotion so that everything is ready before kick-off time on game day.

8. Advice and support

The Community Fund-raiser is an indispensable tool for any group whose aim is to make a difference in the lives of those around them. They work with regional organizations, providing promotional materials and advice on fundraising techniques that will help you raise money fast and efficiently. Community Fund-Raisers are invaluable resources for groups looking to get off the ground or maintain momentum when it comes to executing their missions locally. These professionals can provide your organization with countless pieces of information about how best to execute fundraisers so as not only to meet objectives but surpass expectations too!

In Summary: Golf days provide an opportunity for employees to bond in a relaxed, fun environment that is not your typical workday.

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