A woman pouring a drink into a glass during a Jr promotions event in Western Cape.


JR promotions has been running these courvosier activations from the
beginning of June in High end outlets to introduce the new branding of

We have been using different mixers (Fitch and Leedes Grapefruit tonic)
finished off with a slice of lemon.

Courvoisier, a cognac house like no other. Built by four families and
spanning three cultural cities, the history of Maison Courvoisier stands as
a testament to the spirit of Jarnac and the bright lights and sophistication
of Paris and London. Courvoisier is an invitation to celebrate who we
are, what we stand for and where we come from.

Félix Courvoisier established the House in 1828 and built Maison
Courvoisier as its proud soul place in 1857.

There are three different varaiants of Courvoisier namely VS, VSOP, XO

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